Cyclamen Care

At Bank of Memories & Flowers, we have been getting a lot of Cyclamen plants in the past few weeks so here is how to take care of it if you are the lucky recipient of one!

  • Cyclamen come in a hot pink, red and white color, but one thing you'll notice is even the plants greens are beautiful as well as the flowers.
  • This plant only ever needs water when the soil is dry to touch. Also, when watering try to avoid getting water on the crown part of the plant.
  • As your flowers will begin to fade, you can stop watering it and allow for the soil to dry out for about 2-3 months. Flowers should typically start to bloom again near September. Once you see these buds you can begin to water again!
  • Growing your cyclamen outside is possible but not recommended. If the temperatures go below 50 degrees, there is a chance the plant could freeze and die.
  • Cyclamen like bright indirect light during it's blooming winter months. When it is dormant during the summer, try and keep it away from bright light. 
The cyclamen that we have right now are at their prime blooming time so stop by and pick one up to enjoy today!