Valentines Behind the Scene

Valentine's is a romantic holiday that we spend with the one we love.  At Bank of Memories & Flowers we do too but in a different way.  
Here is our behind the scene look of a flower shop at Valentine's!

Mid January is when we start preparing for this holiday that only last one day.  We place the order for all our supplies, vases and flowers.  Yes, even flowers!  Before you even know that you were going to buy flowers for your Sweetheart we have already placed our order in January.  Our flowers are growing under the tropical sun waiting to be boxed up and flown in from all over the world, like Colombia, Holland and Asia.

Processing Day!  About 4-5 days before Valentines, flowers are delivered. The girls process and clean all the different types of flowers. We will have over 3,500 red roses and 1,600 colored roses sent to the Menomonee Falls shop alone.  Each rose needs to be stripped of it's thorns, re-cut and placed in special preservative water.

Now we wait for the orders to be placed. Pre-orders will only equal 1/3 of the volume we will receive pre February14th.  Sorry guys, yes you are procrastinators.  Call early! 
 Go Time!  We design and design and design every day till the wee hours of the night leading up to Valentine's Day.  

Time: 1:00am February 13th
Pictured here is shop manager Krista and owner Melissa routing all the 300 plus deliveries for February 14.  Each driver will be assigned to an order, then that flower arrangement needs to be placed in that drivers holding spot inside the shop.
We have so many deliveries it will take up the entire 1,700 square foot shop.  

With a little clean up before the rush, we start to load up the delivery vans at 6:30 AM.  We will have a total of 5 drivers delivering on February 13th and 13 delivery drivers out on February 14th working from 8am to 5pm.

Happy Valentines Day to all our Sweethearts and Cupids that make our job possible!