Wedding Trend Report: 2014

The wedding season of 2014 is upon us and there are quite a few new trends that we haven’t seen yet that are coming to light. 

Here is a list of things we will see this year that we haven’t seen much of before…

  • Color: Deep blue, navy blue, royal blue and teal are some of the top hues of this year. Check out these awesome dendrobium orchids that combine all of these colors in one!  
  • Venues: Drama is hot right now and high ceilings, big picture windows and gorgeous views are as dramatic as they get. The higher the ceiling, the better!

  • Yee Haw: Rustic is in! Burlap, baby’s breath, bales of hay, lace and mason jars are all the rage.

  • Great F. Scott!: The Great Gatsby made its way into our hearts last year and now everyone is channeling their inner 1920’s vintage style. Lots of draping, lush fabrics, beads and feathers.
  • Light it Up: Light up letters or words in the form of a marquee are very in. Whether it be the couple’s name, or a cute word or saying, seeing it lit up in lights is all the rage.

  • The Bigger the Better: Brides want their centerpieces large and in charge. It’s got to be large, and it has got to be dripping with crystals to make a statement.
  • Eat Cake: Smooth cakes are a thing of the past, in are the cakes with texture! And what would go perfect on the layers of a textured cake? Flowers of course…
  • Lastly, Symbols: Couples want to make their day extra special and a way to do this is to add little personal touches to everything. Check out these location cufflinks and a memory charm added to your bouquet for someone you want to have with you on your big day.


Keep your eyes open this year for these fun trends!