A Flowering Fourth of July

As hard as it is to believe, it's already been two weeks since we celebrated the Fourth of July. Hopefully you enjoyed yours and your summer is now in full swing! We wanted to share what the Fourth of July found the Bank of Memories & Flowers doing: driving a van covered in flowers, of course! We wanted to share some of our photos, just in case you missed us in the Menomonee Falls parade...

Our van never looked better!
Our banner was carried by Business Owner, Melissa Maas (left) and Menomonee Falls Shop Manager, Krista Roskopf (right) joined by her pride and joy, Penny :)

The Owner's daughter, Florence (left) as well as shop employees Marcia and Sam (right) loved handing out candy.

Shop Owner's husband, Tom and son, Teddy, waved from the passenger's side window.

We hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July -- let FREEDOM RING!