The Week in "Re-Bloom"

We've been busy busy BUSY and haven't gotten a moment to fill you in on our latest here are just a few of the projects that have been occupying our time these days at Bank of Memories & Flowers!

One of the best things about flowers is that they are seasonal. The designs at Bank of Memories & Flowers are constantly changing to reflect the varieties and colors of each new month. The beginning of September for us is very busy with a lot of lucky teachers receiving beautiful flowers to celebrate the start of the new school year. We love creating lush and compact bouquets! Above are some of our favorite custom designs from this month so far. 

 Just in the last couple of weeks we've started to really see the fall colors pouring in: warm red dahlias, golden orange mums, vibrantly orange lilies, burgundy soladago and of course, sunflowers to bade farewell to the summer months. We love creating these textural bouquets with pops of autumn colors and extremely seasonal fall leaves!

And what would a "Week in Re-bloom" post be without a smile from our ever-present companion, Chloe?! Chloe has had some exhausting days, supervising a major painting project of our design work area. The fresh coat of smoked oyster and clean white trim has given our space a wonderfully clean new look -- and we think Chloe approves ;)

We hope your September has been as productive and entertaining as ours!