Air Plant Inspiration

Lately I've been incorporating more and more plants into my decor at home. There is always something about bringing green life into a space that automatically brightens up any room. What is my new obsession lately?!  Air plants. Tillandsia are nicknamed air plants because of their soil-free culture.  I love to elevate air plants to give them more of a modern display. Coming in many different colors and forms, no two plants are alike!

For guaranteed success, place air plants where they'll receive bright, indirect sunlight.  Too much sun can dry them out. They also will thrive on a counter or desk under fluorescent lights.  Once a week, simply submerge them for 20 minutes in water.  That's pretty much it for caring for these cool little guys!

The fun thing about air plants is that they look amazing when hanging or sitting in just about anything!  What a neat Christmas gift idea!  Stop in today at Bank of Memories & Flowers to see our beautiful air plant displays.

Krista Roskopf, Menomonee Falls manager

P.S. For more information and additional photos of various types of air plants, check out the article written by Better Homes & Gardens here.