Cheery Cinerarias

Cinerarias just arrived!!! This blooming plant sports daisy-like flowers in both double and single blooms. The compact foliage explodes with blossoms in shades of pink, white, red, purple or even my favorite: blue!  You'll see we carry these blooming plants until April. They grow outdoors in warmer areas and Sunset magazine even calls them one of the best plants for cool season color.

For best results, put these indoor plants in a north-facing window getting a few hours of filtered light each day. Cinerarias tend to be a bit fussy about watering; for best results, allow the plant to dry out between waterings. Also, be very careful to avoid any water on the plant's leaves as they are extremely susceptible to mildew.

I think these cheery beauties are a perfect, vibrant colored plant that will bring a little sunshine to any space. Their blossoms can make for a stunning, cheerful and long-lasting present, living for quite a long time!  Stop into Bank of Memories & Flowers to see some of our stunning new arrivals or give us a call to have one sent to someone who could use some cheering up!

Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year -- full of cheer!!!

Krista, Menomonee Falls manager