Roses are Red...and Lavender and Yellow and Pink and...

Roses are one of the most well known and popular cut flowers to have every graced the vase. These classically beautiful blooms have been revered and celebrated in song and story for over 5000 years.  William Shakespeare mentions the rose over 70 times in his plays and sonnets. More than 4000 songs have been written about roses.  In the Victorian era, roses (as well as other flowers) were used as a secret language between those who found it hard to openly express their feelings. It was  the original way to "Say it with flowers"!

At Bank of Memories & Flowers, we have the opportunity of seeing people saying it with flowers every day.  Bright and cheery tulips and gerbera daisies exclaim "Happy Birthday" or pink and blue blossoms say "Congratulations on the birth of your baby" or on a more somber note, white roses and lilies express sympathy at funerals or memorial services.  And as always, the red rose professes deep emotions by saying "I love you".  But there are many other colors of roses and they each mean something different!
Red rose = I love you
 White Rose = Innocence, Purity and Truth or "I Miss You"
 Yellow Rose = Friendship, Congratulations
Light Pink Rose = Happiness, Joy between Lovers
Pale Pink Rose = Graciousness, Gentleness, Thankfulness

Deep Pink Rose = Thank You, Also used to symbolize the fight against Breast Cancer

 Lilac/Lavender Rose = Fell in Love at First Sight

 Peach = Great Appreciation, Gratitude

 Orange = Excitement, Desire

There are so many options other than red to tell those you love how you feel.
This Valentine's Day, why not use the many varying colors of roses to tell your story or sing your song?!
Luan, Pewaukee Shop Manager