Teacher Appreciation Week History

Although the beginnings of Teacher Appreciation Week are disputed, the experts all agree Eleanor Roosevelt was contacted and asked to help persuade Congress to proclaim a National Teacher's Day in 1953.  

The National Education Association along with several state affiliates lobbied Congress again and March 27, 1980 was declared National Teacher Day, a day to honor teachers and educators for everything they do to help their students.

In 1985 the NEA Representative Assembly voted to change the date from March to the first full week in May of each year as Teacher Appreciation Week and Tuesday of that week as National Teacher Day.

Everyone has that one teacher who inspired them, motivated them, gave them a sense of belonging. During the week of May 4-8 and particularly Tuesday, May 5th, please thank your children's teachers. Or thank your favorite teacher for helping you become the person you are today.  

Everyone at Bank of Memories & Flowers would like to thank all our teachers, our children's teachers, and all the future teachers entering this demanding and rewarding field.

I, personally, would like to thank every art teacher from grade school all the way through college, who inspired me to search for that one career that would include color and design and pointed me in the direction of becoming a floral designer.  

Luan Kurriger  ~Pewaukee Manager