Krista's Pick for Winter Bloomers!!

Winter can be a cold and dreary time of the year here in Wisconsin, but I've got some great blooming plants to brighten up this chilly season!

Cinerarias have many little daisy-like blooms and come in many bright shades including magenta, red, purple, blue, and even white!  They do well in the winter months because they thrive in cool temperatures around 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit.  Cinerarias prefer bright, indirect sunlight and like to stay moist at all times.

Kalanchoes are one of my favorites because they are so easy to care for.  They prefer bright direct sunlight and like to dry out between waterings.  They come in a variety of vibrant colors including red, orange, yellow, and hot pink!

Phalaenopsis orchids are just so elegant!!  Many people think they are hard to care for, but actually, they are quite simple.  They will flourish indoors with moderate, indirect sunlight and only need about 2 ice cubes per week.  My only suggestion is to make sure you don't over-water orchids.  They do not like any standing water in the bottom of their containers.

Cyclamen are sometimes called the poor man's orchid.  You can find them in a variety of shades of pink, red and white.  They prefer bright, indirect sunlight and moist soil.  Their vibrant blossoms and interesting leaves make this plant a popular indoor blooming plant choice.

African violets come in many varieties with flowers ranging from white and light pink, to violets, blues, and purples.  Foliage varies from dark green to lighter variegated leaves, and most have a deep purple tone underneath the leaves.  They enjoy indirect bright light and a slightly moist soil.

So stop in and brighten up someone's day with a colorful winter blooming plant!

Krista Roskopf
Manager, Menomonee Falls