Teleflora's Unit President Meeting

Recently, I had the honor of attending the Telefora Unit President Meeting in Burbank, CA. There are 38 Presidents in all, covering different regions like the Big Apple Unit, Minnadakota Unit, Lewis and Clark Unit and the Kentucky Derby Unit just to name a few.  Serving as President for the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan's Unit, my responsibility is to provide leadership to the unit and help organize education programs for florists in my area.

The event was four days long, filled will seminars, breakout sessions, demonstrations, trade fair, new technology and products, even some fabulous entertainment! It was great to pop my head out of my floral shop and see what the top florists in our industry are doing.

Teleflora's amazing team of Education Specialists come from all over to share their knowledge of their years of experience in the floral industry.  They are the presenters at our floral programs.  

The entire event was sponsored by Teleflora to help us educate surrounding florists in our region. They believe in giving back and providing education so we can be successful as florists and grow our businesses.  This was an amazing recharge for myself and my business.  To be able to meet other florists, from all over the United States, who are doing the same thing and share their experiences was priceless.

Thank you to Teleflora, Rich Salvaggio and Lottie McKinnon for this wonderful experience and amazing gift.   Pictured below is Melissa Maas (Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Unit President) with Rich Salvaggio AIFD, AAF, PFCI (Vice President of Industry Relations).

~Melissa Maas
Bank of Memories & Flowers

Pictured below is Kevin Ylvisaker AIFD, CFD, PFCI, CAFA (Education Specialist),  Melissa Maas (Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Unit President) and Brent Stelzer (Unit Regional Director)