Meet Chloe!

Flowers are not the only thing in our store that can bring you Chloe, our shop cat!  She's the only full-time resident of the Menomonee Falls store, and she really has it made!  Her favorite past times include eating, sun-bathing, and napping in boxes.  Her favorite flower is Lisianthus...we know this because she likes to sneak into the cooler to munch on it!

You may see her sitting in the window, exploring the store, or her favorite...catching a "Cat Nap" in a cardboard box.  Wherever she is in the store, there are many benefits to having a pet in your workplace.

Pets help reduce stress....who could possibly be upset after staring into a puppies eyes, or snuggling up to a furry cat!   They also seem to bring a bit of joy, even when our customers come in to see us for sympathy flowers...petting Chloe seems to ease their mind and make them feel better.

Chloe is also a bit of a mascot for us (and no, she's not really for sale...we were just having some fun with her!)  Everyone loves seeing pictures of her, and what she's up to in the store.  Some of our customers and their children love to come into the shop, just to visit Chloe!

She is quite the local celebrity around here!  Next time you need flowers or a gift, stop in and say hello to Chloe!

Wendy Walker
Floral Designer
Bank of Memories & Flowers