Finding Your Perfect House Plant

At Bank of Memories & Flowers, we help people and house plants live happily ever after.
How do we do it?  After answering a series of questions about you and your indoor space our savvy staff will connect you with your perfect plant.  We will have you answer questions like: "What is your sun situation?"  "How often are you willing to water your plant?"  "What kind of container are you looking for to put your plant in?" The key is to find a house plant to fit your lifestyle, space and budget.

We want to bridge the gap between plants and people.  There are so many pros for house plants.  Plants will make your home easier for you to breathe.  Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  Indoor plants will release moisture in the air and even purify the air in you home.  But most important, plants can improve your health and make you happy!

Come on in to our shops and meet your potential plant mates.  We have succulents, English ivys, peace lilies, air plants, palms and pothos, along with many pots and decorative containers in every shape and size.

Melissa Maas
Bank of Memories & Flowers