Meet the Staff: Kristin!!!

Kristin started working at the Menomonee Falls store of Bank of Memories & Flowers last September.  She survived Valentine's Day and Mother's Day and is still with us!

This summer, she took on the role of coordinating all of our weddings and events, and makes sure everything runs smoothly.  This job entails prepping for weddings up to a month in advance, everything from pulling and cleaning vases, to making sure any and all supplies have been ordered.  The week of each wedding, she preps and processes, and checks all fresh flowers, and even helps with some assembly.  Kristin is a key person in assisting the owner Melissa in making sure our brides and grooms wedding day visions come to life!

When Kristin is not at the shop, she enjoys gardening, hiking, and dancing!  She earned a degree in Dance Performance & Choreography, and practices her technique and artistry in her own dance studio that she built in her attic.

Kristin was also our model this year for the Milwaukee Art Museum's "Art in Bloom" live floral fashion show called "Beauty in Bloom"!  Our task was to create a dress completely covered in fresh flowers and greenery.  All of our hard work payed off and Kristin made the dress come alive!  The shop took second place in the fashion show!

"I love being able to work with plants and flower while using my creativity on a daily basis" - Kristin

Krista Roskopf ~ Menomonee Falls Manager
Bank of Memories & Flowers