Changing of the Season

The floral industry is one of many that follow the changing seasons.  The color palettes of each season seem to reflect the flowers that bloom at that time of the year.  They trend from soft pastels in the spring to bright, bold colors in the summer, the muted tones of fall, and the clean whites of winter.
This time of year in Wisconsin, we find the season is already changing.
Autumn is by far my favorite season.  The air turns crisp, vibrant colored leaves crunch beneath my feet, and the smell of apples and pumpkins baking just warms my heart.   I especially love autumn flowers in bright oranges, yellows, and burgundy tones.  From the traditional fall mums and bright leaves, to the more unusual harvest flowers like dahlias, celosia, rose hips, and grasses.  Even adding some unusual elements that you wouldn't think of for this time of year, like protea and orchids, give autumn arrangements a new look.  So grab a cup of hot cider, a slice of pumpkin pie, and your favorite autumn flowers and enjoy the changing of the season!

~Wendy Walker
Floral Designer
Bank of Flowers