A Holiday Miracle

My name is Wendy and I'd like to share a story with you about a holiday miracle.  I have been a florist for over 20 years, and have been with Bank of Flowers for just over 2 years. Being perpetually single, the holidays are always a tough time of year for me, this year especially.
A few weeks ago, I was preparing the blog about the new adoptee "Monte" the cat, who joined the Pewaukee store from the Washington County Humane Society.  While on their site to link to our blog, I looked at the dogs who needed homes, and that's when I first saw Mary.  Mary Puppins was the longest resident of the shelter and in need of a home, but I just couldn't afford to adopt her and get all of the necessary supplies to bring a dog home.
All of the shop gals were gathered for our Secret Santa Party just before Christmas, and I got a little stuffed dog that looked like Mary Puppins as one of my gifts.  It sparked a discussion of the shelter dog, and before I knew it, some of my co-workers chipped in and gave me enough money to adopt Mary.  Others gave me the supplies I needed to bring a new dog into my home.  I was so happy, I started to cry.  I got a companion for Christmas, and Mary Puppins got a home!
It's only been a week, but I am happy to report that Mary and I are adjusting very well to each other and we are both very happy.  It's a holiday miracle for both of us!  Thank you to a wonderful team of ladies at Bank of Flowers! 

Wendy Walker
Bank of Flowers