Petal it Forward!

Petal it Forward!
Spreading Kindness One Flower at a Time

Between our Vase Giveaway and Friday Name Game, we've enjoyed giving out many free flowers - but this time, the public had their turn!

Bank of Flowers and the Society of American Florists joined together for this amazing event! On Wednesday, October 11th, both Bank of Flowers locations once again opened up at 8 am to give away 400 FREE bouquets - but with a twist!

Each participant received TWO bouquets - one to keep (if preferred) and one to share with a friend, family member, or compete stranger to brighten their day. Many people were in love with this giveaway! We had a line down the block of people waiting (in the rain!) to spread some kindness! It warmed our hearts how many people showed up and all the stories we read about people making someone's day. It is Bank of Flower's goal to spread love and kindness, one flower at a time.

We can't wait for next year! Will you join us and Petal it Forward?

Melissa B Maas
Bank of Flowers