Preparing for I Do

It’s been awhile since our last blog post for ‘Preparing for I Do’, but Alison and Patrick have been making decisions since their big day is a little more than 8 months away. And did I mention they are doing all of this planning while they are both full-time students getting their second degrees and putting in over 30+hrs a week with their jobs? Let’s us know that planning a wedding can be done on busy schedules, especially with a florist working hard to make their special day a success!

We left off last time with the decision on the reception site, the Harbor Lights room run by Zilli Hospitality. But a few more updates...last week Alison said “Yes to the Dress”. Obviously, we can’t give away too many details. Because let’s be real, Patrick is friends with us on Facebook and we need to have some element of surprise right? Only a handful of people know what Alison’s dress looks like, and our insider is one of them! Let’s just say Alison visited four bridal shops, and the dress she picked was the first dress she knew she loved. It fits her personality and she glows with it on! And of course... it matches her flower choices perfectly!!

If you missed one of our Facebook posts, we updated you on Alison’s floral consultations where she chose her flowers! During the consultation Alison’s goal was to make the flowers ‘pop’ with the watermelon bridesmaid dresses. She chose a round ball shape with dark blue hydrangea, dark purple lisianthus, dark purple stock flower and lime green kermit button pomps! All beautiful flowers go will all beautiful dresses, but brides have an idea if you want to have your flowers pop with your dress, or accentuate the dress. But we are going to have to keep the bridal bouquet a secret. But I will say it includes very romantic flowers that are seasonal to June.

With the Save the Dates created by one of Alison’s bridesmaids, Alison and Patrick are about ready to send them out. Here is a peek at the save the date which is incorporating the baseball theme that will be found throughout the wedding. But this baseball theme is going to be subtle and chic, promise. We will let you know that the centerpieces will have flowers, grass, and a baseball all included. And some may think “how is that going to be chic?”.... well you will just have to wait for 6.16 to find out!

Next steps, bridesmaid dresses and hotel reservations for the guests! We will update you once more decisions have been made. Brides, planning a wedding can be fun. Even with a busy schedule, Alison has had a lot of fun planning. A big tip is to make a to-do list and make sure you prioritize. It helps relieve stress, and you can focus on the fun by making one decision at a time.