Bank of Memories Babies

As you may already know, we here at Bank of Memories & Flowers keep a tally of how many babies are born every month by writing down when someone orders flowers for them! We keep this information until the end of the month when we post on our Facebook and Twitter pages the tally of the baby boys and baby girls born.

This month of December we are especially excited to tally our very own Melissa Maas's baby! She is due January 1st and we can't wait to meet the new baby Maas! Melissa already has a 4 year old daughter, Florence, who is also very excited about a baby sister or brother. Melissa doesn't want to find out the gender of her baby. She says "It's my own little Christmas surprise! I'm so excited!".

We will keep you updated as her pregnancy progresses and keep a look our for those tally marks! We love our Bank of Memories Babies.