Fast Flower Delivery

Wayne (Delivery Driver) loading up with poinsettias for local companies.

Don (Delivery Driver) taking extra care of someones flowers.

Fast Flower Delivery Like Never Seen Before

Both of our weekly drivers, Don and Wayne, have been in the flower delivery business long before working with Melissa. They are very experienced at their job. Wayne has even informed us that all of his life driving of 55 years, he has never been stopped for any traffic violations. Both of our drivers have served in major world wars; Wayne serving in the Vietnam war and Don with the Marines in the Koran war. Before working for us, Don worked at the Milwaukee Post office for 36 years, and Wayne was the supervisor in the accounting department at Wisconsin Electric.

During the summer, Don goes up to his cottage in Portage and spends time with his wife. Wayne love traveling the world, especially germany, where he still has family and friends. THey always have fun stories for us when they come in.

Bank of Memories & Flowers guarantee same day deliveries all over the metro Milwaukee area. So, if you're ever in a bind needing a delivery fast, you can count on our drivers. If you're one of those people who does things at the very last minute or procrastinate, you can rest assured that our drivers will get your arrangement out fast!

Delivering flowers was listed in this years top rewarding careers. If you happen to see our vans driving around during the week, give the guys a friendly wave!