Weddings Tips From Melissa 101

Many of my girlfriends that are getting married ask me "Melissa, where do I start? HELP!" So here are some inside tips on how do get started finding the perfect flowers for your special day.

Finding a Florist
1. Book a florist at least 12-8 months before your wedding.
Especially at Bank of Memories & Flowers, we book up. It's the last thing I want to do is turn down a bride because we are booked. Once you have an idea of whom and where you will need flowers and your bridesmaids dress color picked out, you are set for a consultation. Yes, things might change along the way but I just go with the flow and cater to the changes as needed. It is always a good feeling when you have a sense of what your flowers will be and to get that big "to do" off your wedding list.

2. Ask friends and family for references.
This is the most common way our Brides find us; a venue might have suggested us, they have heard of us from a co-worker or have been a bridesmaid in a wedding we have done. They have seen our work first hand.
3. How is their service?
We offer day of services which makes us stand out from the other florists. Everything from delivering, to set up, pinning on, and midnight take down; you'll find what you need. I have some brides that need me to fill in where needed throughout the day to "Melissa! I just need you to do everything...!" Check out some of our Packages.

4. Can they cater to your needs?
My girlfriends always joke, "Tell us about your Bridezillas!" I really don't have any. Yes, some need a little more hand holding then others but this really gives me the change to get to know them and makes their wedding day more special. I tend to cater to my brides how they need the process to go. They have never done this before, so I want to make sure it is as unstressful as possible.
5. Most important, have a feel of the florist. Will they portray your style?
I really do love working with my brides. From our first consultation, I get so excited when my brides describe to me their ideas and style. From there, I create in my mind a custom design just for her. I laugh that is a strange gift to have, but I really can visualize her flowers in detail to size, colors and textures.

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