The Greatest of Love Stories

Every year Hollywood produces films dedicated to telling love stories. Even action films have some kind of romance interest. But let’s be real, the stories seem unrealistic. It’s time for us to hear about true love stories.

Bank of Memories and Flowers wants to hear the greatest of love stories. The love-at-first-sight, head-over-heels, distance means nothing, high school/college sweetheart stories that remind us what love is all about. Designer/Social Media coordinator, Lauren Wright says, “Everyone’s love story is truly unique and special. Our customers enjoy hearing the stories we have to tell, and we want to hear them all.”

Bank of Memories is asking customers to share their greatest love stories and enter to win a free dozen red roses and a box of chocolates to be delivered on Valentine’s day. In order to enter, customers are asked to write their story, 500 words or less, by February 10. The love story will be shared on BOM’s blog and other social media outlets.

Stories can be sent via email (, mail (see below) or by dropping it off at either location. Writers will need to include their contact information and information for the receiver of the flowers and chocolate.

It’s about time we start hearing real stories that aren’t fabricated by Hollywood. And Bank of Memories knows the customers that walk through their doors have the greatest of love stories.


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