Lauren's Thoughts on Valentines

With the thought of Valentine’s day right around the corner, I wondered to myself “What do women really want?” I did a little “research”--and when I say research I mean asking my friends and acquaintances-- to figure out what women want. Now, as a full-time marketing professional I must note that my research does not count as a valid study, but who cares!

After asking my friends what they wanted for Valentine’s day, I learned that most of them said that they simply wanted to know that their man was thinking about them. And what was their favorite way to realize this? “I would LOVE to receive flowers” was one of the most popular responses. However, several women said they believed that the standard bouquet of roses is cliché and doesn’t always always fit their personality. Ordering her a bouquet of oriental lilies after remembering how she “oo-ed” and “ah-ed” over them while on a walk last summer will mean more to her than anything (Guys, its shows that you pay attention!) In addition, women said that flowers really brighten their day at work and even makes their day!

So guys, what do we get out of this? Flowers are definitely a great gift for Valentine’s day, but let’s mix it up every once and while. This valentine’s day Bank of Memories is offering special arrangements. Ask about our “Etched in Love” arrangement that provides a variety of flowers including roses, daisies, mini carnations and beautiful filler flowers. Or maybe our “Exclusively Yours” arrangement fits your wife/girlfriend’s personality-- filled with roses, lilies, snap dragons and other flowers. Plus, we have chocolate AND Becky’s Blissful Bakery Caramels!

Let us help you make something special for your special someone. We are known for our unique personalized arrangements straight from the heart, which is what women really want.

~Lauren Wright

Pewaukee Designer