Our Love Story Winner

Red Heart Bouquet
This past Valentines Bank of Memories & Flowers had a contest for customers to summit their love stories for a chance to win a dozen roses. Thank you to all the romantic stories that were submitted; love was defiantly in the air. Here is our winner!

After meeting my future husband-to-be at a party and dating him for several weeks, he asked me to play tennis at the indoor tennis courts at Marquette University, where he was a dental student. As much as I knew I liked this wonderful man, my insecurities of playing on the courts with what I perceived would be gorgeous Marquette coeds in cute tennis outfits was more than I could bear. I actually lied and told him I couldn't see him anymore, that I was back with an old boyfriend which was totally not the case.

I couldn't believe I had slammed the door shut on our relationship without even leaving a crack open for him to reenter. At that point, I prayed every day for God to bring him back to me in his own way and his own timing if it was his will. I decided not to interfere and trust that if it was right, we would get back together.

After 3 months of diligent prayer and thinking about Joe daily, I came home one night, exhausted from a long day at work and ordered a pizza from Lisa's Pizzeria on Oakland Avenue, one of our favorite places when we were dating. The man who took my order sounded just like Joe and I couldn't help wondering if he had gotten a new part time job, since it was two buildings away from his parents' tailor shop. As I was deep in thought after the phone call, wondering if that was Joe, my phone rang. "Hi Susie." I knew immediately that the voice on the other end this time was, indeed, Joe. I said "Joe, I just called Lisa's and ordered a pizza and the man who took my order sounded just like you. Was it?"

Joe stated, "No, it wasn't, but this is. I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed dating you. I know you said you were back with an old boyfriend, but I just thought I'd take a chance and see if your are free. If not, I promise I will never call you again, but if you are, I would love to see you."

With no hesitation, I exclaimed, "Yes, I am free and would love to see you again."

God answered my prayers, we were married three years later, and though he died of a brain tumor 15-1/2 years ago, we had 20 magical years together, culminating in three beautiful daughters, who keep his spirit alive in my life to this day!

When her flowers went out, we signed the card "Loved your story, Love Joe" Her story touched our hearts.