Keeping 'May Day' Alive

Once upon a time, children or friends would leave May Day flower baskets on the front door knobs or steps of their neighbors’ houses. The giver rings the door bell and runs away.  The person receiving the basket tries to catch the fleeing giver.  Giving flowers was a way to celebrate spring and hold on to part of an ancient celebration on May 1. 

The Maypole was another traditional part of the festival.  Each maypole dancer held the end of a ribbon.  They danced around, weaving in and out of one another, which make a pattern of colored ribbons down the pole.  Different dances would reveal different patterns.  

This day has been observed as a holiday since ancient times.  Spring festivals, May Day baskets and Maypoles are celebrated around the world.  In most European countries, when May Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the Monday following is observed as a holiday, with banks and store closing.  They celebrate with parades and other festivities... I am thinking we should carry on this tradition in the States.

Happy May Day!

Thank you SAF and Florence Cole for photos