We fell in love with succulents after seeing so many different things you can do with them on Pinterest.  We have always been fascinated with succulents because of their different shapes, sizes, and colors.  But especially because they are 'neglectable'- hard to kill them with a non-green thumb! 
Succulents are very easy to grow. The internal structures of succulents are designed to retain water so they only need to be watered once a week or even less often.  Succulents like bright, indirect light.  All you need is a little imagination and these adaptable, abstract shaped plants will present an amazing display. 
Succulents look amazing in wedding bouquets and centerpieces.  At Bank of Memories & Flowers we find a lot of our brides loving this idea.  These luscious plants will not only last through the ceremony, but they can be enjoyed long after the wedding.  Sempervivum, echeveria (pictured above in silver urn) and other rosette forming succulents have become the trending succulents to use in bridal bouquets.  Color may be what a lot of brides see first, but texture is coming to play an increasingly important role in consumer choices.