Father Day

Here's to all Dads!!

Father's Day is coming up fast, so I wondered where this holiday got its start. The initial idea of Father's Day came from Sonara Smart Dodd who wanted to honor dads like hers who was a civil war vet and a single dad of 6 children! This was uncommon at the time for dads to raise their children by themselves, as many widowers placed their children in the care of others or quickly remarried again.  The idea of Father's Day caught on and was celebrated in 1916 by Woodrow Wilson but was not made "official" until 1972 by President Nixon.

Don't forget to honor your dad this year.  Father's Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday of June.  Celebrate the contribution that your own father has made to your life.  Many people send or give cards to their fathers, but at Bank of Memories and Flowers we can send dad a more unique and custom gift.  Believe it or not, a lot of dads would tell you that receiving a floral arrangement, unique plant, or a gift basket full of treats would knock his socks off.  I'm absolutely in love with the new Jeep Wrangler container we just got in.  You could put plants or flowers in this cool keepsake.  Give us a call so you can be Dads favorite this year!

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