Locally Grown Flowers

Our Plaque of Promise

Pewaukee Location Going Green!   

Many of our customers are unaware that we have a second location in Pewaukee which actually grows many of their own flowers for both stores to use in everyday arrangements.   At Bank of Memories & Flowers, we are environmentally conscious and always finding new ways to go green.  In the past decade buying local food has become mainstream, so why not flowers too?  Buying locally grown flowers are better for a number of reasons.  Having our gardens at Pewaukee gives both locations long lasting flowers while eliminating chemicals which keeps our planet healthy.  Locally grown flowers are more gentle on the environment because they are not being grown in greenhouses or shipped in planes and trucks.  

By buying local flowers you are supporting the local economy and encouraging small and beginning farmers.  At Bank of Memories & Flowers, we find that these flowers are naturally fresher.  Once they are cut and hydrated, they can soon be used in beautiful arrangements.  If you stop at our Pewaukee location, you will find many gorgeous flowers in bloom such as sedum, veronica, garden roses, purple cone flower, pink hydrangeas, and yarrow.  Our garden provides us with varieties that are hard to find otherwise.  Our customers are always fascinated by the exotic flowers we use on a day to day basis.  Seasonal flowers that come from our garden are much more affordable than flowers forced to grow out-of-season in greenhouses, which means you will never pay premium price.  

Take some time and smell the beautiful flowers blooming in our garden and check out our unique lawn art.  We have found that our gardens take a lot of work, but have also been therapeutic and fun to grow.  So you've got more than one reason to go local and go green!!!!

Cone Flower