Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This week I will be celebrating my 8th wedding anniversary.  My wedding was on June 4, 2004 at the Polish Center of Wisconsin.  It was a beautiful Friday wedding and the weather was perfect.  The five delivery vans full of flowers got there with time to spare with all my girlfriends running around adding all the final touches. Thinking back, it is amazing what a dream that year was...I bought Bank of Memories & Flowers just a few months before.  I was such a world wind.

Every year my husband Tom and I give the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, this year it was bronze.
We try to have fun with it.  It all started when Tom gave me "paper" for our first Anniversary.  On that paper he listed the top ten highlight moments of being married that first year.  


Here are just a few options of the Tradition Wedding Anniversary Gifts:
1st     Paper
2nd   Cotton
3rd    Leather
4th    Flowers!!!
5th    Wood
6th    Iron
7th    Copper
8th    Bronze
9th    Pottery
10th  Tin
11th  Steel
12th  Silk
13th  Fur (maybe I will get a new kitten!)
14th  Gold Jewelry
15th  Crystal
16th  Silver
17th  Furniture
18th  Porcelain
19th  Bronze
20th  Platinum
21st  Brass
22nd Copper
23rd  Silver Plate
24th Musical Instrument
25th Silver
26th Original Pictures
27th Sculpture
28th Orchids
29th New Furniture
30th Pearls
31st  Time Piece
32nd Conveyances
33rd  Amethyst
34th  Opal
35th Coral
36th Bone China
37th Alabaster
38th Beryl, Tourmaline
39th Lace
40th Ruby
41st Land
42rd Improved Real Estate
43rd Travel
44th Groceries 
45th Sapphire 
46th Original Poetry
47th Books
48th Optical Goods
49th Luxuries
50th Gold