Our Weekend, Wedding Day!

Every Saturday, most Fridays and even a few Sundays you will find the girls at Bank of Memories & Flowers servicing a wedding.  We wanted to walk you through the exciting process of our weekend, Wedding Day! 
Our day begins well into the morning as the "Saturday Girls" CeCi and Nicole carefully check over every single flower placed and designed for our Bride and Groom.

Time to pull up the large work van and load it up.  Krista and I (Melissa) will be servicing today.
 The trick is how to get all the precious cargo in the van without damaging a single flower.  These hot days have been a challenge too, air conditioning needs to be on full blast.

Krista is ready to take us to our destination. So far right on time, thank goodness for GPS.

Time to unload.       

Getting the arch assembled.  Clock is ticking.

Filling up the arch full of flowers. 

Ready for show time.

Beautiful little glass vases hang on the edge of the chairs down the aisle.

 Close up of the Brides Bouquet: 
Orange Gerbera Daisies, Yellow mini cymbidiums orchids and mini garden roses, large hot pink garden roses and accents of deep blue Delphinium. 
The finishing touch of little rhinestones in some of the flowers.

I fluff the Brides dress; my favorite part.
Another Bride down the aisle on her perfect day.

We can breath...the wedding has begun.

Last minute touches on her centerpieces.
They were amazing! 21 tables.

Cakes arrived, time to place the flowers.

High Five! We did it...another wedding complete.