Teleflora Make Someone Smile

This week marks Teleflora's Make Someone Smile week, July 22-28, 2012.  Together with thousands of other local Teleflora florist we will deliver over 30,000 mugs who deserve a smile.  Here in Wisconsin we delivered almost 1,700 mugs.  This morning I had the honor to deliver over 700 mugs to the VA Medical Hospital in Milwaukee with my Bank of Memories & Flowers Team.  Every patient in the entire hospital received a mug!  Each mug had a hand written message personalized by each florist thanking them for serving our country or sending them good wishes.  One of the veterans that I gave a mug to said with a tear "Being so far from home and not getting any visitors, this is so nice that someone thought of me." 

-Melissa Maas

  700+ mugs ready to go

Florist from around the state help make the mugs

 Personal messages for every patient 

An amazing amount of flowers!

Bank of Memories & Flowers Crew Ready to Unload
Marcia, Sam, Wayne our delivery driver (Vitnam Veteran) and shop owner Melissa

 It took 5 van full of the 700+ mugs to deliver to the VA Hospital

 Melissa delivering to the very happy Veterans, Smile!

Our 1,700 Wisconsin mugs went to hospital patients, nursing home residents, Meals on Wheels recipients and many others.   Thank you to Teleflora for donating all the mugs, our local wholesalers, the VA Medical Center (Brain Walker you are the best!) and all the florist who donated their time.