Meet Our Designer, Carissa!

This week's spot light is on one of Bank of Memories & Flowers floral designers, Carissa Russell.  She has worked at both of our locations for the past 6 years and loves everything about flowers.  Not only does does Carissa love designing beautiful arrangements, but she also is the talent behind our beautiful giftware displays.  

When Carissa is not working at the shop, she is busy doing landscape design and maintenance during the summer and early fall months.  Her botanical background is very helpful at the shop because she has a knack for remembering the names of many plants and flowers, both cut flowers and outdoor plants. "I can't explain how or why I can remember the latin names, but they somehow stick! I know plants names and characteristics the same way you would recognize a person."

Like many of the other girls at the shop, Carissa admits to being a crazy cat lady!  She has her own kitty, but also enjoys hanging out with our shop cat Chloe. She also is minorly obsessed with her reef aquarium that includes a variety of corals, shrimp, crabs and of course, colorful fish.

In Carissa's spare time, she and her husband enjoy being outdoors and using their kayaks in different lakes and rivers around Wisconsin.  We couldn't ask for a better designer and friend!