Think Green! Buy Local Cut Flowers

Everyday when we get to work we walk in and are flooded by beautiful flowers and fragrant smells. Jealous? Don't be, you can have these colors and smells in your home too! At the shop we are always trying to buy as many locally grown flowers as we possibly can.   

Handpicked flowers are almost always superior to flowers that have been shipped from far away. At Bank of Memories & Flowers we feel that supporting local growers goes a long way in keeping our hometown economy alive and our outdoor spaces green. We find that when blooms are just picked and handled with care by small growers shortly before they reach your hands, they last much longer. We purchase locally grown flowers from a local farm called Windswept Acres located in Cecil, Wisconsin

MaryLee and Reed Johnson are the owners of this wonderful farm.  They started Windswept Acres in 2002, producing everything that can be grown in Zone 4 (which refers to what plants can survive our cold winters) or can be grown in their greenhouses. During Fall they bring us unique and exciting flowers and greenery not available elsewhere, such as colorful zinnias, stunning dahlias, ornamental grasses, celosia, many varieties of sunflowers, native prairie grasses and much more!

Their 20+ acre flower farm and greenhouses offer home-grown flowers and a large selection of field-grown, high quality, fresh cut flowers and bouquets from June through frost. Windswept acres supplies us with enormous sunflowers this time of year, not to mention many other different types of blooms and greens sure to make your next arrangement that much more special.  


Sue from Bank of Memories & Flowers is pictured processing some of these magnificent sunflowers. Windswepts flowers look amazing in any type of arrangement! By buying local grown flowers you are helping to maintain a healthy environment, vibrant community, and a strong and sustainable local economy for you, your children, and your grandchildren. 


Pictured is owner, Reed Johnson by his flowers.  Reed personally delivers his flowers in a refrigerated truck on different routes throughout the week from Green Bay to Milwaukee.