Where Do Our Flowers Come From?

Ever wonder where we got all our beautiful flowers?  

It is amazing to think of all the places:  Antique Hydrangeas from Holland, Bells of Ireland from California, Gerbera Daises from Mexico, Protea from Hawaii, Roses from Ecuador, Orchids from Asia.  But there is a few months out of the year that we can shop local.  Yes, right here in Wisconsin!

One of my favorite places to find fresh flowers is right down the street from my Menomonee Falls location, at the Farmers Market.  Every Wednesday at 8am I grab my list, head down the street and select the finest Sunflowers, vibrant Gladiolus, and unique Coxcomb; just to name a few.  These flowers are then created and designed into beautiful arrangements that some of you might have right in front of you!