How to take Care of a Pointsettia

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Although poinsettias a native to Mexico, 90% of all poinsettias are now exported from the United States.  The poinsettia, named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, is known as the official plant of Christmas.  Poinsett, who loved botony, was the first US Ambassador to Mexico under President Madison, where the plant grew as a tree!  

The poinsettia toxicity rumor crops up every December, but we want to nip it in the bud and say that is is completely false.  They are not harmful to people or pets in any way!  According to the Madison Poison Control Center, a 50-pound child would need to ingest 500-600 poinsettia leaves to suffer ill effects of any significance - which is highly unlikely to occur. 

Here are some easy ways to care for your lovely poinsettia:
  • Don’t leave them in your car in weather below 60 degrees.
  • Avoid cold drafts and breezes.
  • They tolerate low light, but bright lighting is better for poinsettias.
  • Lift the poinsettia from the pot. If it’s light, then you need to add water. Don’t over water it, as the bottom leaves will start to fall off.
  • When adding water, let the water run through the holes of the pot.
  • The plant will do best if it is consistently damp, (not sopping wet.)