Check Out Our Flower Delivery Vans

Check out our flower delivery vans.  They could stop traffic!
Ok, we are just kidding but you might just see one of our delivery drivers from one our  locations, Menomonee Falls or Pewaukee, driving around the Milwaukee Metro Area.

Don, Wayne, Lance, P-Ray, John and Tom are the team that keep these vans running. They're on the road about 7 hours a day 6 days a week.  They deliver in sun, rain, sleet or snow and they love it.  "Who wouldn't love to see my face (with flowers) ring your door bell," driver Wayne said. 

Our delivery drivers and vans are a very important component at Bank of Memories & Flowers. Owner Melissa Maas says "Without them we would only be able to rely on our customers to stop in to our locations, with these drivers and vans we can reach as far as Oconomowoc to Downtown Milwaukee."  

Next time you see one of our vans driving around, think of all the arrangements inside that are on there way to make someones day.  It could be for you!