Our Recycle Vase Program

It's a new year and people are cleaning out their closets, cupboards, basements, and storage areas in an effort to minimize and shrink their possessions and gain more space.  Many of us will find many vases and containers to good to just toss. Bring them to us at Bank of Memories & Flowers and we will give you some beautiful fresh cut flowers in exchange. A win, win situation for both you and the environment. We just request that the vases and containers be clean and useable. 

Also, stop and think about reusing a vase you already have next time you choose to send flowers to someone special and save money!  Just drop it off at Bank of Memories & Flowers and we will arrange the rest. Reusing and recycling is a great start in helping the planet. So start digging out your old vases and bring them to us. We will gladly take them off your hands!