Wedding Flower Consultation

Did you know that highest number of couple are engaged during the winter months?  What can we expect for these next frigid months? Wedding shows in abundance catering to bride and grooms and wedding planning is in full motion gearing up for their big day.
At Bank of Memories & Flowers we are prepared and excited for the stream of wedding appointments.  "The winter months are full of wedding appointments and I can't wait to hear what the hot new bridesmaid dress colors will be," owner Melissa Maas expresses.  

Here are Some Great Tips When 
Preparing for Your Wedding Consultation
-Book a florist 8-6 months before your wedding
-Have your dress and your bridesmaid dress picked and purchased, this will set the framework for your flowers
-Have a folder, binder or ipad filled with flower photos and ideas. This can give the florist a feel of your style
-Have a list of the wedding party to determine "who needs what" 
-Have a complete sense of yourself and how much you want to spend.  Not only will this make it easier for the florist to help you, but it will keep you on budget.