Pinterest Intro

How many of you have caught on the Pinterest wagon?  
We have at Bank of Memories & Flowers and we love it!  We spend some of our nights "pinning" anything from recipes to finding (A LOT) flower inspiration.   Many of our brides have wedding boards with ideas of details for their weddings.  This is great tool because we can get a good sense of their style during or before their flower consultation.

Recently, we created "boards" on our Bank of Memories & Flowers Pinterest account with fun new ideas for wedding themes, baby showers,  to hot new color trends.  Check them Out!  Best part of this tool is you feel so organized.  No more cutting out clips from magazines, stuffing them into a file or trying to remember what website you saw that bouquet you loved.  You can create a file for it all.  Jump on the Pinterest craze and have fun seeing all that is out there.