Shamrock Plant

Saint Patrick Day is not complete without a Shamrock plant!!

Otherwise known as oxalis, shamrocks has a spring feel and signifies good luck.  It’s a welcoming addition to any home.  This year at Bank of Memories & Flowers we are caring the traditional green and white flowered shamrock plant and also the burgundy-leafed with purple flowers (my favorite!).  

Shamrocks are easy to take care of and provide years of enjoyment with very little care.  These plants require a different watering schedule than most other houseplants.  The soil barely needs to be kept moist with watering once every 10 or 14 days. They prefer indirect light. The neatest thing about shamrock plants is that they react to light, folding up their leaves on overcast days or at night and opening them on sunny days when there is light.

Happy St. Patrick Day!