Tulips Galore!!!

Come to Bank of Memories & Flowers and pick up a little spring for your home!  Our 10 stem colorful tulip bouquets are only $9.98.  Many people don't know that fresh cut tulips will keep growing in a vase, often gaining an inch or more in height!  The spontaneous nature of tulips always makes for an interesting display.  Everyday, tulips have a different look!!

Tulips are stunning when displayed on their own or paired with a variety of other fresh flowers. My personal favorite is tulips paired with long-lasting alstroemeria and colorful lilies for a bright spring look. They are the perfect gift to celebrate birthdays, congratulations, new baby, or send to family and friends. Except for the dahlia, tulips come in more colors than any other flower.

To maximize the life of your cut tulip arrangement, immediately cut the stems under running water (to prevent air intake) and continue to re-cut an inch from the flower stems every few days. Keeping fresh water in a vase will also help breathe life into your tulips. And, remember, tulips will bend and twist toward a source of light – to straighten bent tulips, wrap the stems tightly with damp newspaper, tie then with a rubber band or twine, and stand them in deep, lukewarm water directly below a light source. In a couple of hours, your tulips will be standing tall again.