Vintage Garden Wedding

Vintage garden weddings are a new trend for 2013 brides in Wisconsin.  Here are a few simple tips on how you can create this look and make your wedding exstrodinaty with detail.

Adding flower clusters to the first few pews can really make an inexpensive statement.  This is a simply way to make the venue your own and to carry out your theme.

Having a unique details like your Grandma's broach or a heirloom ring will create special remembering moments.

Soften up the look of your cake with fresh flowers.  
Icing flowers are out, bring the garden in.  Flowers can also be a great way to bring your theme colors onto your white cake.

Just having simple vases filled with candles are not enough, flowers soften this look and are the key ingredient to Garden Vintage. 
(Great garden flowers: garden roses, miniature garden roses, freesia, hydrangeas, veronica, lisianthus)

Finish your place setting with detailAdding a few fresh flowers to each napkin can really get your guest talking.