Calla Lilies and Cymbidium Orchids

Calla Lilies

This showy pure white flower is one of the most sought after  for weddings.  White calla lilies are timeless and  a symbol of elegance.  Its name originates from the Greek word for beauty and magnificence.   Calla lilies are a native flower of southern Africa.  You can find these sleek flowers in shades of burgundy, pink, yellow, blackish purple, orange and classic white.
No matter the time of  year, callas are always available.  This luxurious flower is pricier then others so be prepared to pay a higher than average price for your wedding bouquets.  Here is classic hand tied bouquet of all white calla lilies. 


Cymbidum Orchids

Cymbidiums are native to Asia covering Northern India, China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Borneo Islands and North Australia. They usually grow in cooler climates at higher elevations. Cymbidium orchids have thick waxy flowers with five pointed petals on each blossom and come in a rainbow of colors. 
Cymbidiums are one of the most popular and desirable flowers in bouquets.  Perhaps it is for it's meaning: wealth, love and beauty.  Pictured below are sweet nosegays filled with all white and lime green cymbidium orchids.

Dendrobium orchid pomander ball for the flower girl.