Arranging Tulips

A tall vase does the trick with tulips!  First fill the vase about halfway with water (adding the tulips will make the water rise!). 

Cut the stems all the same length, snipping each tip at an angle for better water absorption. Add one tulip at a time, spiraling the stems so that they support each other.  

Add one tulip, turn the vase slightly, add another, and so on. If the flowers are too floppy on their own, gather about a third of them loosely with a twist tie or rubber band and place them in the center of the vase, with the loose tulips draping over the rim.  Won't that look dramatic?

As tulips absorb the water, they will continue to grow and may have to be rearranged if they get out of hand.  Change the water and re-cut the stems every couple of days.  Cut the tulip stems shorter for a more compact look if you are using a short vase.  Try to keep tulips away from a sunny, warm location for a longer life span; they do better in a cool location.  Bank of Memories & Flowers' tulips are sure to brighten any home just in time for spring!!