It's Peony Season!!!!!

Who doesn't love peonies? 

At Bank of Memories & Flowers we look forward to the short springtime peony season every year like its Christmas or something!  They are so romantic and oh so pretty!  They are beautiful and fragrant.  Truly an effortless flower and one of my favorites. We can't get enough of them!  In all of their fluffiness and colorful array, peonies certainly win the affection of brides as one of their favorite wedding flowers.  

The most outstanding quality of the peony is its massive size that makes them look so elegant. Peony colors range from white to reds and some yellows with a mix of pink in between.  They look lovely all by themselves or mixed in a bouquet with hydrangeas and others as you see here.  Romantic, traditional, modern, or whimsical- peonies are a stunning wedding flower to portray in your wedding style.