Arranging in Pumpkins

Dress Up Your Pumpkin this Season!  Did you know that a pumpkin properly can serve as a vase?  Watertight, a pumpkin can keep fresh flowers for well over a week!!! 

Once the pumpkin is cleaned out (and you have cooked and eaten your delicious pumpkin seeds...) cut your floral oasis to fit snugly inside the pumpkin so it won't move around.  Make sure the oasis is fully saturated with water.  Now is time to use your creativity! Start by placing your larger flowers in various matching places. Then, fill in the gaps with smaller flowers so that you can no longer see the floral oasis. Once you have finished with your flowers, you can add fun accents like fall leafs! Place your pumpkin arrangement on your table and enjoy it while you eat your candy! Happy Halloween Everyone!