Poinsettias Are Not Poisonous

Holiday Plants and Your Pets:
Many of our Christmas traditions have always included plants, be it a bright red poinsettia, hanging mistletoe from the doorway, or adding holly to a centerpiece. Some pet owners have always feared to have these plants in their homes due to confusion and myth.  Bank of Memories & Flowers hopes to ease those fears!

Both pet and plant authorities have been going around and around for years concerning the toxicity of poinsettia plants.  According to Pet Poison Helpline and the ASPCA, poinsettias, although mildly toxic, are NOT poisonous to cats or dogs!  Ingestion might show mild signs of vomiting, drooling,or diarrhea or if the milky sap comes into contact with your pets skin it might cause some irritation.
 So, don't fret about your pet and Poinsettias!

There are other holiday plants that are questionable for your cats and dogs.  If your pet eats Christmas holly it can result in severe gastrointestinal upset and /or injury to the mouth and throat  because of the plants' spiny leaves. 

If you bring home mistletoe, hang it high and securely so that your cat or dog cannot reach it!  Although less toxic than  European varieties, if mistletoe is eaten in large quantities it can cause seizures and deaths in severe case.

Poinsettias are safe around our pets and, with caution, holly and mistletoe can be part of your Christmas decorations!