2014 Color of the Year

In 2013 we welcomed the royal baby to the world, learned what “twerking” meant, and seriously questioned what the fox says. We said Walter White’s name, the government shut down, we had lights out at the Superbowl, and saw a lot of emerald color in home décor and clothing. 

Every year a company called Pantone picks out a color they think will triumph over all for that year. This year the color we will be seeing a lot of is RADIANT ORCHID! This vibrant purple color can be found while buying your prom dress, decorating your house, and even planning your wedding. Companies take this color into account when planning their advertisements and products. 

At Bank of Memories & Flowers, we can’t wait to see what kind of color combinations our bride’s come up with this year, and we are so excited that this bright purple color will be all over this year! 

Happy Holidays everyone, and have a colorful new year!