Care for Cinerarias

Cinerarias Just Arrived!!!!

One of the prettiest plants Bank of Memories & Flowers carries in the winter is the cineraria. It's a very good plant for this time of year because it likes cooler temperatures.  I like that the blossoms form a perfect globe around any pot, creating a bouquet effect. The brightly colored, daisy-like flowers that cover the cineraria make it a popular gift.  Cineraria come in heart meltingly gorgeous colors, the most popular being blue. How many plants come in blue?!  They also can be white, purple or pink.

They require bright light and prefer moist soil.  If your cineraria's leaves are pale and limp, it is getting too much sun. If your plant is not blooming fully, check to see if the soil is too wet.  These plants have a life span of several weeks, which will take you through these tough, cold winter weeks with some color by your side. Whether it's a cheerful centerpiece or a thoughtful hostess gift, cineraria won't disappoint!