Amazing Benefits of Houseplants

House Plants….here at Bank of Flowers we love them. Why do we love them you ask??? Well, not only are they a longer lasting gift option than a fresh arrangement, they also beautify the home.  But most importantly, they provide many benefits to our health and wellness.  

What are the Health and Wellness Benefit of Plants?  Research has shown that plants remove toxins from the air.  NASA (yes NASA!) has come up with a list of plants that are best at removing toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from our environment.  The 3 top air cleaners you ask??? They are the florist chrysanthemum, the peace lily, and the red-edge dracena, all available at Bank of Flowers!

Another benefit to having house plants is that they provide us with an oxygen rich environment. Through photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  A few of these plants not only do this during the day but also in the evening.  The bromeliad, the succulent, and my personal favorite, the orchid plant are wonderful for increasing oxygen in the house during day and evening hours.

Plants increase humidity in the air by releasing moisture vapor.  As a result, having indoor plants actually helps prevent certain illnesses.  Increased humidity levels in the air helps to lower health problems like dry cough, colds, sore throats, and dry skin.  They are the perfect cure for our long Wisconsin winters (Buurrr!!!!)

How many plants do I need?  How do you create this refreshing, calming, purifying, humidity enriched-environment at home? The recommendation is slightly different based on your goal.  If your goal is to improve your health and decrease stress then one 8” diameter pot every 130 square feet is recommended.  If your goal is to purify the air around your home then it is recommended that there be a larger plant ( 6-8” pot size) or 2 smaller (4-5" pots) every 100 square feet.

What if you don’t have a "Green Thumb"?  It's OK, not all of us at Bank of Flowers have green thumbs either.  Most of us figure out what plants work best in our homes simply through trial and error.  The point is to just try one and see.  We can help you to find a plant that fits the space in your home, your level of sun exposure, and what level of care you can provide; or if there is a particular plant you’re looking for we can help with that too.  Just because you don’t see it in the shop doesn’t mean we can’t get it for you.  Please ask as we are here to help!!

Here are some of the plants that we care for and love in our own homes!!

Seven Seas Wedding!

Rebecca and Brett = Red Hot LOVE

Month: September
Florist: Bank of Flowers
Photographer: Caitlin Stemper
Ceremony: Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Menomonee Falls
Reception: Seven Seas, Hartland

This wedding is one of those where we just didn't know which photos to choose for our blog!  Every single shot is better than the next, thanks to their photographer, Caitlin Stemper.  Rebecca and Brett are captured just as they really are, playful and very much in love.  

Rebecca simply glowed with her gorgeous long brunette locks and ruby red lips!  Her dress was perfection with an illusion lace top and long draping fabric that flowed in the wind.   We loved how the red bridesmaid dresses popped off of the lush green landscape in her photos.

Rebecca's flowers were  full of texture with white astilbe, red dahlias, ruby roses, white hydrangeas, burgundy leucadendron and seeded eucalyptus.  The men wore rose boutonnieres in the opposite color of their pocket squares, a red rose for the groom, and white roses for the groomsmen. 

We were excited to be a part of this couple's special day, and even more delighted when the photos arrived!  Congratulations Rebecca and Brett! 

Melissa Maas
Bank of Flowers



Kellie & Mike, Love at Best Place

Kellie + Mike (And Hayden)
Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

Month: September
Ceremony & Reception: Best Place, Milwaukee

Kellie and I sat down at her initial consultation in the Pewaukee store and she loved yellow! Sunflowers were her focal flower of choice, but after much discussion during and after the consult, she decided to drop the sunflowers completely and go with flowers that were a little more fun and unusual!  Kellie's bouquet was a mix of yellow and grey, including flowers like craspedia (otherwise known as Billy Balls), yellow orchids, spray roses, and solidago came together in a hand-tied style bouquet, accented with grey brunia berries and dusty miller and finished off with rustic burlap and twine.  Her bridesmaids wore shades of grey, and carried petite hand-tied bouquet of craspedia with a collar of dusty miller and wrapped with the same burlap and twine.   Kellie's flower girls tossed french petals in a shade of soft yellow.  Her choice in flowers was just right for the historic feel of Best Place, and we enjoyed creating something different for her.

Kellie sent us a note a few weeks ago, and we were thrilled to hear from her!
"Everything turned out better than we could have ever imagined!  Thank you!  We spent a week at Mike's family's cottage for our honeymoon, and I brought my bouquet along so I could look at it every day!  It was absolutely perfect!!! You did an amazing job!" - Kellie, the Bride

The staff here at Bank of Flowers gets so excited to hear from happy brides!  Wishing Kellie, Mike, and Hayden a fun and fabulous life together!  Congratulations!

Luan Kurriger
Bank of Flowers, Pewaukee

Wonderful World of Weddings 2017

After all of the holiday engagements, January marks the start of wedding planning for many. Brides-to-be are busy gathering ideas about their upcoming nuptials, and what better place to be inspired than the Wonderful World of Weddings show at State Fair Park in West Allis. Here, vendors from every corner of the wedding world gather to show off their wares and services, hoping to attract the attention of brides.
We look forward to this show every year, and always put our best foot forward.  Everyone here at Bank of Flowers had a part in the show, from the concept design for the booth, gathering of items to display, the flower designs, and even the set-up and take-down of the booth.  It's all hands on deck for events like this.
Shop owner Melissa Maas and director of operations Ceci Scheuber talked to so many wonderful ladies and their families, it was an amazing weekend!

Wendy Kaye Walker
Bank of Flowers

Tegan & Carl - A Vintage Love Story

Ceremony: Zilber Park
Reception: Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery
Florist: Bank of Memories & Flowers
Photographer:  Jamie Gruber
Month: July

 Tegan and Carl chose a vintage theme for their summer wedding, bringing the feel of the "Roaring 20's" to modern times.   Their ceremony took place outside at Milwaukee's Zilber Park with the reception at Best Place, part of the historic Pabst Brewery.  Fancy feathers, swanky cigar boxes, and vintage bottles and candle holders added the perfect touches to the simple elegance of white hydrangeas, orchids, and creamy rose blossoms.

Congratulations Tegan and Carl!  I hope your marriage brings many roaring good times!

Wendy Walker
Bank of Memories & Flowers

Art In Bloom

Every year, I have the opportunity to participate in the Milwaukee Art Museum's "Art in Bloom".  As an artist at heart, this is a dream come true.  This event brings out some of the best floral designers in the Southeastern part of Wisconsin.  There was 41 designers in all who participated this year.

Back in January, we had a day at the Museum called "Lottery Day."  The art pieces are hand picked by the Museum on what they would like to see interpreted into flowers.  When we arrive, we are handed numbers.  The Art Museum will pick your number at random to go along with the artwork.  It is always fun to see your challenge.  This year I was paired up with Homage to the Square, by Josef Albers.  What a challenge, with a yellow box!

Over the weeks I collaborated with my dad, Norman Ball III, who is a Iron Worker.  It was amazing to see my vision of taking the square painting and taking it outside the box.  I wanted people to see the cube from all sides and make it dimensional.  My dad welded the yellow box and engineered a way to nestle the cube in the tree.  The tree gives the illusion that it is holding up the cube like it landed there and is now growing.  

The flowers in the cube were yellow oncidium orchids and blue tinted button mums.  In the white box base holding up the branch was yellow roses, ruscus, succulents, tricillium, leucadendron and green moss.

This was a very special piece to me this year, not only was it a challenge but I had an amazing experience making memories with my dad.   He was able to share his amazing engineering talent with me and I was able to show him what I love to do.
Thank you dad, couldn't have done it without you!

-Melissa Maas
Bank of Memories & Flowers

A Day For Mom!

Mothers are the hardest working, least appreciated people in our lives and Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to show them just how much they mean to all of us.  Flowers help express our gratitude and thanks to the most important women in our lives, our Moms.

Ever since we were little we have given Mom flowers,  either the freshest dandelions from the lawn or the first bloom from her prized rose bush, flowers have been a mainstay in Mother's Day gifts.  Your local florist can help you choose the floral gift best suited for your mom, grandma or other special woman in your life. The staff at Bank of Memories & Flowers has many combined years of experience in choosing appropriate Mother's Day presents. 

Mom might like a simple  glass vase of flowers or she might like exquisite floral designs in a ceramic container, our designers can create exactly what your Mom prefers.  Perhaps Mom would like something living?  Our stores are stocked with a large array of green and blooming plants from peace lilies to kalanchoes, african violets to begonias.  Our orchid plants have just arrived and are absolutely gorgeous.   Air plants and succulents are currently very popular, we have a whole tree filled with glass globes filled with either of them.

You may say, "My Mom is not that interested in flowers".  That's fine, our Pewaukee location is filled with many other gifts.  Since our store is less than a mile from Pewaukee Lake, we have great lake gifts, signs, vases, mugs and even a boat to keep your drinks on ice.

Happy Mother's Day!

Luan Kurriger
Manager, Pewaukee Store
Bank of Memories & Flowers

Milwaukee's Magnificent Bride

Milwaukee's Magnificent Bride Wedding Show has been making wedding dreams come true for over a decade.  This year Bank of Memories & Flowers was personally invited to participate with some of the top premiere wedding vendors in the Milwaukee area.  The event took place at the historic Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee.

Our booth was covered in textural greens, quicksand nude colored roses, succulents and deep wine colored roses.  Dramatic over-sized lanterns where nestled all over the booth filled with candles and fresh greens.  Our dramatic 8 foot long floral piece hovered on top of gold vases, hanging crystals and glass globes swayed to add more ambiance.

We created a few of our favorite bridal bouquets that we displayed in the booth.  We can't decide which one was our favorite!

The highlight of the event for us was our fantasy table where we collaborated with other venders to create a gorgeous themed table.  Bank of Memories & Flowers, Paper Envy, BBJ Linen and Canopies all came together to create this very special look for a sweetheart table or a parents table.  The fresh flowers table runner was filled with over 50 hydrangeas and 100 roses, it was stunning!

Form more information in this fabulous event, check out their Website and Facebook Page.

~Melissa Maas
Bank of Memories & Flowers

Krista's Pick for Winter Bloomers!!

Winter can be a cold and dreary time of the year here in Wisconsin, but I've got some great blooming plants to brighten up this chilly season!

Cinerarias have many little daisy-like blooms and come in many bright shades including magenta, red, purple, blue, and even white!  They do well in the winter months because they thrive in cool temperatures around 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit.  Cinerarias prefer bright, indirect sunlight and like to stay moist at all times.

Kalanchoes are one of my favorites because they are so easy to care for.  They prefer bright direct sunlight and like to dry out between waterings.  They come in a variety of vibrant colors including red, orange, yellow, and hot pink!

Phalaenopsis orchids are just so elegant!!  Many people think they are hard to care for, but actually, they are quite simple.  They will flourish indoors with moderate, indirect sunlight and only need about 2 ice cubes per week.  My only suggestion is to make sure you don't over-water orchids.  They do not like any standing water in the bottom of their containers.

Cyclamen are sometimes called the poor man's orchid.  You can find them in a variety of shades of pink, red and white.  They prefer bright, indirect sunlight and moist soil.  Their vibrant blossoms and interesting leaves make this plant a popular indoor blooming plant choice.

African violets come in many varieties with flowers ranging from white and light pink, to violets, blues, and purples.  Foliage varies from dark green to lighter variegated leaves, and most have a deep purple tone underneath the leaves.  They enjoy indirect bright light and a slightly moist soil.

So stop in and brighten up someone's day with a colorful winter blooming plant!

Krista Roskopf
Manager, Menomonee Falls